The Story

Better Safe Now started by helping our friends, family, and the local community obtain items that we felt would benefit their well-being and most importantly – protect. As word started to spread, the phones calls, texts, emails started to multiply with requests for help.  We realized we were the only ones around that could get the products that were unavailable and/or highly price-gouged to the average consumer.  Fortunately, due to our established supply chain and robust sourcing department, we were able to identify manufacturers of certified masks and personal protective equipment. We sent inspectors to the factories, met with owners, and developed an opportunity to provide for more than just our friends, family, and community.

As we studied the growing protective gear market during the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew there was a problem that needed solving. Disreputable individuals and companies were selling unsafe and counterfeit equipment. American lives and the economy were at risk, and we knew we could help.

Since day one, Better Safe Now’s mission is to provide a transparent sourcing of trustworthy personal protective equipment—not only for now, but for the future as well. We will not sell anything we ourselves wouldn’t use or give to our loved ones.

The reality is: There is no magic button that will bring life back to normal. There will be new rules and regulations, and your employees must be protected. Together, with you and all of our members of Better Safe Now, we look forward to better days ahead. We are here to support you in whatever way we can.

What Makes Us Different From The Rest

Here are some things to consider…

We Want To Be Informative

BSN products lines are properly vetted and come from reliable manufacturers that provide accurate certifications and testing reports.

Federally Approved

BSN’s products (ie: KN95 Face Masks) have been federally approved by the FDA under their Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Our Experience

We know how to mitigate any risk in dealing with constantly changing international trade laws. We provide a service with realistic delivery timelines to help save cost & liability.

Our Team Is Here To Help

We continue to keep our relationships strong with our manufacturers. We’ve already established communication for reliable solutions – Providing honest support.

Join us : Be Part Of BSN For Now & The Future

At BSN we provide Real-Time Solutions. Let us figure out the solutions and support you.

Better Safe Now is an ethical service and web store that helps individuals and businesses obtain the protective supplies that they need for unprecedented challenging times.


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