Billions of KN95 respirators HELD in Chinese customs


Did your business order KN95 masks directly from China?  And did the broker you worked with tell you they would arrive in 5-7 days?

I bet they haven’t arrived yet



They’re just sitting there at customs in China, and most will most likely never get release.  

The reality is, most “brokers” and “factories” in China who are promoting the manufacture and sale of KN95 masks are not legally authorized to do so.  In order to properly manufacture and export KN95 and other health related PPE, a Chinese company needs 2 special licenses. 1.  Medical Equipment  License.  2.  Medical Supply Export License.

The harsh reality is that only a small percentage of manufacturers and companies in China actually have both licenses.  Since they are not properly licensed, the quality of the materials is inferior and/or outright counterfeit.

This has created an enormous problem within China, and the Chinese government is putting their foot down. Basically, if your factory is not properly licensed to both PRODUCE AND EXPORT, the shipment is getting seized at customs.

The guidelines will become more strict, and carefully monitored and the price of product will also increase.

Better Safe Now only works with factories and companies that have all the proper and required documentation to conduct medical supplies business overseas.  Also, to be safe, we also import under the FDA guidelines to a FDA registered facility and have listed all of our KN95 masks under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization Appendix A.

If your current supplier does not understand these necessary steps, you will still be waiting for your PPE to arrive….and they’re not coming.



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